20-th International Scientific Conference «Sakharov Readings 2020: Environmental Problems of the XXI Century»

Dates of the Conference: 21 – 22 of May, 2020.
The deadline for submission of reports is 01.03.2020

The purpose of the Conference is to unite the efforts of leading scientists and practitioners, university professors, graduate students, undergraduates and students from different countries to assess the impact of technological progress on the environment and human as well as to develop measures to reduce the negative human impact on nature.
Conference Organizers: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus; Department for Elimination of the Chernobyl Accident Consequences, Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus; Public Council of the Basic Organization for Environmental Education of the CIS countries; Belarusian State University, International Sakharov Environmental Institute of BSU.
Dates of the Conference: 21 – 22 of May, 2020.
Venue of the Conference: International Sakharov Environmental Institute of BSU (hereinafter – Institute), Address: 23/1 Dolgobrodskaja str., Minsk.
If necessary, the conference plenary session is held in leased areas.
Conference languages: Russian, Belarusian and English.
Participation: Full time (reports and postal presentations), correspondent participation.
Conference proceedings are published by the beginning of the conference.
Organizing Committee and its functions
For the organization and holding the conference, two organizing committees are being set up: an International Organizing Committee and a Local Organizing Committee. The composition of the Committees is approved by the Director of the Institute.
The International Organizing Committee is formed from representatives of the Conference sponsors and representatives of foreign educational institutions, which cooperate with the Institute.
The Local Organizing Committee is formed from representatives of Belarusian organizations, which cooperate with the Institute, from the administration of the Institute and the heads of the Departments of the Institute.
The main function of the International Organizing Committee is to determine the concept of the Conference (research areas).
The Local Organizing Committee arranges and holds the Conference; prepares and sends out an information letters about the Conference, ensures the reception of the Conference materials, their expertise, the publication of the proceedings; draw up a conference program; implements measures for technical and information support of the Conference.

Conference directions (scientific topics)

  • Social and environmental problems of sustainable development: global threats, challenges and opportunities.
  • Environmental education for sustainable development. Study and rehabilitation of ecosystems, environmental monitoring.
  • Nuclear and radiation safety.
  • Medicine and ecology
  • Modern methods and means of biomedical diagnostics.
  • Information systems and technologies. Industrial ecology and management.

Participation in the Conference:

  • Report in plenary session (up to 15 min).
  • Report at section meeting (up to 10 min).
  • Poster presentation (А1 format, vertical position).
  • Correspondent participation (reports will be published in the Conference proceedings).

Rules for submitting abstracts are established by the Organizing Committee. Professionals in ecology and related sciences, lecturers, post-graduate students and students are invited to participate in the Conference.

To take part in the conference:

  • Fill in the registration form (enclosing the abstract of the report), on the website:;
  • Belarusian participants should send the printed version of the abstracts to the Organizing Committee of the conference, prepared in accordance with the requirements established by the Local Organizing Committee and signed by the authors. The content of the abstract should correspond to the theme of the conference;
  • Sign a contract for payment of the organizational fee for participation in the Conference (the form of the contract is determined by the Local Organizing Committee);
  • Submit a document on payment of the organizational fee.

The presented reports are not edited. The authors are responsible for the scientific content and presentation.

Reports that do not meet the conference topics, requirements for registration or sent later than the deadline are not considered and are not returned.

The Conference funding

The Conference is funded at the cost of:

  • Ministry of Education support allocated for research and technical activity in 2020;
  • Organizational fees;
  • The Institute’s own funds;
  • The grant of Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research
  • Sponsor aid.

Amount of the organizational fee is based on the cost estimates for the preparation and publication of the Conference proceedings including participant’s Conference folder (for full-time participation).
The registration fee does not cover accommodation and transportation costs.
The organizational fee is paid after the report is included in the conference program.
The organizational fee is paid either in cash or noncash by the agreement with the Conference participant or with the Institution which the participant represents.
Foreign participants pay the registration fee upon registration at the conference.
The outcome documents of the Conference
The Conference will develop a Resolution with recommendations on the issues under discussion.