Section 1
The fourth technological stage and global environmental risks.
Plavinsky N. A.

Section 2
Environmental education for sustainable development .
Butchenkov I. E.

Round table
«Topical issues of linguistic training of environmental specialists for professional and intercultural communication»
Dovgulevich N. N.

Section 3
Methods biomedical diagnostic.
Smolyakova R. M.

Section 4
Epidemiological and hygienic assessment of human environment.
Batyan A. N.

Section 5
Adaptation of human functional systems to natural and extreme environmental factors.
Sysa A. G.

Section 6
Bioecology. Bioindication. Radiobiology. 
Golubev A. P.

Section 7
Nuclear technology and radiational safety.
Kievitskaya A. I.

Section 8
Environment of natural and urban areas.
Golovaty S. E.

Section 9
Energy efficient technologies and energy management.
Pashinsky V. A.

Section 10
Medical physics and electronics. Information systems and technologies in health care. 
Zhuravkov V. V.

Section 11
Eco-friendly physical education and human health
Krutalevich M. M.

Round table
«Actual problems of biomedical ethics»
Mishatkina T. V.

Section 12
Informative systems and technologies in ecology
Ivanyukovich V.A.